songs and such (on bass)

songs i can play

i wish stevie wonder my first song on the bass guitar! the speed was pretty hard to grasp as an absolute beginner, but even months later it's really fun to play.
snow red hot chili peppers this song is fairly easy. the strumming part sure is a surprise.
otherside red hot chili peppers this isn't my favourite chili peppers song, but it was fun to learn regardless. i love the emotional, aggressive tone of the bridge.

i can also play billie jean and thunderstruck, but idk if they count.

songs i'm currently learning

black summer red hot chili peppers practising this song is the most fun i've had playing bass in a while. it is however kinda annoying to switch between standard and half step down tuning. am using the pull off technique for the first time. right now i can play around 75% of the song.
are you gonna be my girl jet just started playing this song, it's very funky :) i love practising it with my brother (he plays the guitar).

songs i still want to learn

god there are a LOT