Update log

[01-10-2022] Decided to update my website, since I feel like I've changed a bit since then. Didn't add anything, just changed most of the text.

[01-06-2022] revamped the friends page. it's not completely done yet but i think the two sprites i've drawn so far look pretty cute :-) i'm also continuously fixing and adding small stuff——nothing really noticeable, but nice for my perfectionism.

[27-05-2022] i missed the boxy layout so it's back now. and i have a background now, the pop of colour sure is nice~

[30-03-2022] updated my about me page!
[27-03-2022] added a gallery page but it's still kinda wonky.
[14-03-2022] changed a lot of styling: 1) i decided to use more illustrations on my website, especially early 20th century ones, 2) the navigation section works better at both desktop and mobile, 3) small things like new colours and a new font for non-windows users.
[11-03-2022] this week i made a page with all the songs i'm learning on bass, and i tried to write javascript without any tutorials (didn't go too well). i'm a bit swamped with work but i'll continue working on things soon enough.

[26-02-2022] now i have a blog section, with one post already (wow!): a scones recipe i use. i'm also thinking of making this update log a table instead of one big paragraph
[25-02-2022] i wanted to quickly add more blocks, but since my structure is so all over the place i couldn't do it. argh. i need to use the bootstrap layout things but i'm so lazy :-(!
[24-02-2022] set up a friends page with some amazing gifs
[23-02-2022] added boxes and box shadows. i’ll keep my layout like this for now. it’s kinda boring but i like it.
[22-02-2022] set up a bass guitar page, with pixel art of my gear. i’ll write something later. i wrote something before but it felt ingenuine.
[21-02-2022] tried to make a script (with sebas’ and quenten’s help) to automatically deploy to neocities with every git push. it failed, after a bunch of attempts. 💔
[19-02-2022] my favicon is now a little dog. it moves on firefox (not on chrome) (evil).
[16-02-2022] nymphali has been created! during my lecture communication protocols.